Hello there, my name’s Cindy Taylor and welcome to my website! Like millions of Americans and others around the world, I love tea. From classic black tea to green tea and earl grey, I love all types of well-brewed teas and anything else that gets my spirits percolating.

Aside from the tea leaf or bean itself, the key to a well-brewed cup of tea is a quality kettle. Unfortunately, many people overlook this fact and end up with a less than pleasurable experience come tea time.

Realizing this, I’ve taken it upon myself to create the Web’s ultimate tea kettle buying and resource guide in hopes of helping others just like you discover some of the best tea kettles on the market today. Whether you’re interested in an expensive electric tea kettle or a less costly yet equally efficient traditional model, you’re guaranteed to find it on this site.

When not planning and coordinating weddings in my beautiful hometown of Santa Barbara, you can find me trying out new types of teas and tea kettles or sharing my experiences and opinions on these very pages.

With years of experience trying out every kind of tea kettle under the sun, it’s safe to say you’ve come to the right place to learn all about tea kettles and how to brew the perfect cup. So, if you’re ready to say goodbye to your cheap old hand-me-down kettle for good, dive right into the rest of this site and begin taking your tea time up a notch!